THE ALASTAIR is a band from south Jakarta INDONESIA. In the beginning of 2008, Reuben Elishama ( vocal/rhythm guitar) and Alva Polii (lead guitarist/backing vocal) started the band and started to write songs together. When they felt ready with all the materials, in august 2008 THE ALASTAIR officially recruited bassist Deyna Parzada and drummer Aria Wijaksana and as a band, posessing the same vision which is to globalize the Indonesian music industry.. Alastair is Welsh for the Greek name “Alexandros” (English “Alexander”) meaning “The Protector of all kind of Man” or “A good Avenger” Through their band they hope to revolutionize the Indonesian music industry, and to position themself as THE trendsetter band, with a fresh new sound and color that separates them from most of the bands exists today. Their vision is to constantly explore and create tunes, resulting in unique music arrangement that always push the boundaries of the industry.

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