Follow the spotlight and prepare to behold one of Indonesia’s very rare and continously active female rappers, Tatis! Born on March 29th 1987, with Annatria Praptiasih as her full name, Tatis is the third of a four-children household. As she was growing up, she often felt anxious and was labeled as the ‘rebel’ by her immediate environment. Nonetheless, this did not hinder Tatis from her search for her identity.

As an impulsive and explosive person, she is not shy in personifying those characteristics through her attitude, her style and the way she talks. This does not mean that she is not serious in exploring her true passion. Everything is done on a whim, spontaneously. Majoring in fashion in college to pursue her interest to become a fashion writer (because she was inspired by a music journalist), Tatis was once a writer for fashion magazine SOAP.

On the other side, Tatis who is already fixture at clubs and parties since her teens, has always been in awe of the performers in the events she attended. She could not help imagining herself at the center of the spotlight churning out cool tunes, getting everybody to move and dance. As means to let go of her “insanity”, Tatis built a habit of singing outrageously in her room. This habit became serious when she was offered to sing two songs for her younger brother’s band at JakJazz in 2008 (her brother is young drummer Rafi).

Although she was afraid, nervous and, to a certain extent, was not able to control her precipitation, Tatis performed her soul out, wowing a full crowd of visitors. This experience did not only push her limit to do more, but also motivated her extensively to make music her core livelihood. Her friendship with various Indonesian and international DJ — which led to her meeting French singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ, fashion designer Uffie, who was performing in Jakarta in 2010 — pushed Tatis to become more confident in what she wants.

She not only wants to create music, she wants to become a hurricane on stage! Tatis indeed continues to make spontaneity as part of her charm. In the midst of incessant partying, in 2011, she decided to get married and become a mother to a boy. She was a dedicated mom who also breastfed exclusively. Her reason was simple, she wanted to have a family of her own — just like most women her age. All of that did not change Tatis, she was still fun, frivolous, loud, a party animal, and continued to explore her passion as a performer. In the beginning, she sang cover version of songs by Katy Perry, Nicky Minaj, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rihanna, Missy Elliot, Beyonce and M.I.A. Venues such as Emprica, Potato Head Garage, Foundry 8, Domain and 36, were no stranger to her performing antics.

She also began writing her own rhymes and dedicated herself to define her performing style and dance choreography with her backup dancers. Tatis wants to make everyone enjoy the moments when she is onstage. DJ Dhika, who is Tatis’ best friend since junior high school, supported Tatis by producing her debut album. Titled “Boom”, Tatis addresses issues such as confidence, enjoying life and being true to yourself to not only Indonesian young people, but also youths across the globe who likes to party, dance in clubs. She does not only sing it, she shouts it. Tatis is one of the few female rappers in Indonesia. Follow the spotlight, and you will find this gutsy chick, blowin’ the words at you.


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