One of the most fastest rising star in the industry. With a strong basic of musical background, He knows his kind of music works with the crowds. And after experiencing Jakarta’s scene for some time, he’s clear of what he wants to do through his music and that is to promote hip-hop and make it acceptable to the local ears. After successfully having done that by playing at Indonesia’s most recognised hip hop events, he spread the wings by doing tour to Australia’s most known cities. He’s been touring for the past 5years in a row to Sydney,Melbourne,Adelaide,Brisbane,Gold Coast. he also decided to test his skills on a different musical genre, one that no one would ever thought he would be able to master. The result is a pumped up crowd, loving and understanding the music for what it is, uniting them as one just for that one night as they are having fun frankly just by feeling the grooves and bumping to the beats! he realised that being a DJ, is not all about technical abilities, after spinning in a club, he always managed a time to mingle with his own crowds. Schizo always mentioned “Please everybody when everybody pleased you”. Thats what he always said to everyone From spinning records to making great music and showcasing his other works to all various creative and cultural communities, DJ Schizo has demonstrated that he has a promising future ahead and will grow as a common fixture in both the local and international music scene.

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