Rendra Prihatin, also known by his stage name rrrrend, always has a passion in the art world, whether it’s performance or applied arts. From acting on stage during kindergarten until of his early college years, to rapping on stage as one of the lead rapper of Gold R, to being an MC from early 2011 until now.

Performing live PAs, to MCing events such as; Rewind & Play, Bassdrop, PonYourTone, Disco Bandits, H Cartel, & Are U That Somebody. Full Crate, DJ Cream, P Double, Sliqq, Dipha Barus, are the few DJs that he had worked with.

The culture of Hip Hop has always inspired his daily life since he was little, Kanye West is one the few people that inspires and made him who he is right now, making rhymes and performing it in front of crowds has always been one of his ways of expressing his love of the movement.

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