Pradana Rizky a.k.a Kyriz Boogieman was born on May 4th 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. As a kid, he always had a fond in music mostly because of his father who was really into those Motown era. In 1995, he moved with his family to the city of New York, United States where he was introduced to the birthplace of Hip-Hop R&B. As time goes by, his environment made him fall in love with that certain genre even more thus, he started to dig deeper into the art of poetry, spoken words and rap. By the time he moved back to Jakarta in 98, he saw there was a potential Hip-Hop movement that he wanted to be involved in for the long run. So he formed a band which covered most of the Hip-Hop R&B songs of that time.

With reguler gigs and special event shows here and there, he realized that this “musician/performer/MC” role was somethin he just couldn’t get enough of. With that on his mind, he kept on innovating what he could do with that band.

On 2004, Kyriz was featured in Maliq & D’essentials’ song “Funk Flow” in their second album “Free Ur Mind” which got him recognized by the Indonesia’s music industry. With more collaborations coming after that, Organic Records signed Boogiemen and released their debut album “Nu Son To Shine” released in 2009.

That album made a certain statement in Indonesia’s Hip-Hop industry and because of that, Boogiemen performed in Soulnation Festival for 3 years in a row. As for Kyriz, he got a handful of collaborations and featured shows such as Java Jazz, Urban Jazz Crossover, LLW’s albums, Pandji’s album, Soulvibe’s album, Le Smokey Sections’s album, Teza Sumendra’s album and many more.

During that period, he met DJ Cream which he had the time to work with in Urban Jazz Crossover. So not long after that, he asked Kyriz to become the MC in Soul Menace’s monthly event, “Rewind”. And now, Kyriz is one of the resident MCs for Blowfish club Jakarta and a part of the Soul Menace family, also playing the role as one of the MCs.

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