Dj-Juicy-Logo-WhiteBiondi as known as DJ Juicy started his professional debut in the early 2006. From the beginning of his disc jockeying journey, he had shown his full interest on the R&B Hip Hop music genre. He also participated in R&B Hip Hop movement as a partygoers by a Big Name Club in J-Town. His decision to take R&B seriously to the next level of his career was not wrong.

Immediately, he was first recruited to Sparkling event oganizer as the their one and only disc jockey at that moment. Considered amongst the youngest jockeys in his era, Juicy realized that he still had a lot of space to improve further his technique and skills. Flip Flop Production saw his talent and never thought twice to take him as their first liner. With Flip Flop, Juicy made a huge leap frog in his career and he made almost every big club in Jakarta city on fire: Bliss, Centro, Manna House, Wonderbar, Embassy, X-lounge, Vertigo, Pure, 9 Cloude, Mansion, Barcode, Willow, and others.

As time passed, Juicy had gained a bloody serious attention from the R&B industry and was convinced by the others to start his own event organizer business. They decided to name it “Loop Production” and started a new chapter in the industry. After then, with Loop team, he went forward at full throttle. Solid teamwork and never-ending creativity had made Loop famous in the industry. This was proven when they made the record of making the biggest sales overnight at Xlounge & Vertigo, thus they were entrusted again to be full in charge regularly of X2 Equinox events. They are commited to providing the best quality not only in music but qualified partygoers.

Popularly known as “DJ Juicy”, he scrams into all top R&B nightclubs like Equinox, Ego, Blowfish, Tribeca NYC, Indochine, and to name a few. Until in the year of 2011, he has become one of the frontliners at O! Club as a resident DJ. Before Prive Club Jakarta take him as Resident DJ in 2013. Beside the resident works, Juicy also trusted to spin regularly at Blowfish Jakarta since 2013 till now.

Moreover with experience, open-minded approach, mixing skill, scratching’ skill and special characteristic which made him a distinguished jockey. He can make the whole crowd nuts and wild. Just mention it from slow jam to party rock, from old school to new school, from mainstream to mash up, from commercial to electronic dance, he will make you go mad like never before.

Finally, as well as giving rise a new generation of their artist, Soul Menace Music group that recognized as an urban club institution in Jakarta since 1998 engage DJ Juicy in mid 2014 to work together and bring the creativity, integrity, passion in club-dj life to the next stage.

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