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Goldie Emeralda is originated from Jakarta, Indonesia. Her genuine love in music led Goldie to show her talent and passion at the age of 15 by trying her hand being a DJ. Her friend introduced her about DJ and then she learned by using Traktor on her friend’s laptop. Until she picked up how to work on it, she bought her own Digital Controller and she improvised and developing it herself.

“I basically taught myself how to DJ, but I’ve been inspired by DJs throughout my whole career. I have some good friends that would hook us up with music. You learn some little things here and there from each DJ and of course each performances you did and just take it and put your own style into it.“

Her preferred music genre is House, Dutch House Electro House & Progressive House, but she can also play Twerk, R&B, and Trap. She look up to great people around the world such as Laidback Luke and Juicy M as her influencer.

She’ve been turning heads to different cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Lampung, Medan, Makassar, Bali, Jambi, Palembang, Surabaya, Bandung, Pekalongan, Batam, Carbon and Pekanbaru. Not only that, but Goldie also managed herself to perform in Australia since she’s currently living in Brisbane; and that’s how she improve her R&B skills.

She has shared the same decks with other International DJs like R3HAB & Moti and played as an opening act for Marnik.

Goldie’s hopes and dreams are to improve further as a DJ and to develop her skills. Hopefully, her experience will brought her even bigger recognition among people across the globe.

The future of Goldie Emeralda promises yet more success as she continues to create and bring something new for everyone on the dance floor

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