DJ Crip is one of Jakarta’s finest and youngest DJ, had his first gig when he was just 19 in one of his friend’s birthday party in 2005. People say living in Jakarta is hard, if you can make it in Jakarta then you can make it living in any city in the world. In his early years starting his career as a young and promising DJ, CRIP was struggling to make ends meet. As the oldest son, he has the responsibility to help his parents to pay the bills. At first for him DJ is just a hobby, where he likes to mix hiphop and RnB music. Back then he was very much influenced by his musician idols such as G Funk theme such as Warren G, Nate Dogg, Shadesheist, Snoop Dogg and likes to play around with this genre. The turning point of his life when he began to think of DJ as a serious career happened when he became Liaison Officer for his favourite DJ Orbital from U.K. Over the course of three days he learned from the professionalism and humbleness of DJ Orbital that DJ could be a serious profession and requires a hard work, it’s not just as glitzy as the world sees. He was in awe on how humble and skilful DJ Orbital could play all kind of remixes. Since then he started practising and experimenting with mixing more, until he met DJ Ditto who introduced him with proper DJ equipments. The addiction grew larger and he began to create his own mixed tape and started to perform with fellow rap groups called Sneak Riders. By the age of 19 he became a professional DJ by joining one of Jakarta’s Event Organizer, as a DJ and party organizer. During the 2 years he gained many experiences, such as spinning at some big clubs and shared the deck with some of the greatest local and international DJs. However the learning process didn’t stop here. In the middle of his career, CRIP learned how to maximize his skills on the deck. With other fellow DJs, they came up with an idea to mashed up different genres in a set, which they called “Urban Eclectic.” He finds it suitable with his style, as he likes to combine Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Electro House and Rock. With this, CRIP adds new genres to his long list of repertoire, such as Soulful, Techno and Electro House. He also learns to mix stuff for the new genres from scrap as he loves to experiment and explore all type of music. He explored each one of the genres and carefully picked some different types of music to maintain the playlist among other DJs. Since 2010 CRIP has joined Domain until now as the resident DJ. Domain is the hottest club at the moment, part of the F&B pioneer, OPCO Group. He is also the part of Soul Menace, one of Indonesia’s top DJ and Event Organizer. In Domain, he has successfully maintain the mash up genre’s every weekend. His unique style has made it as a trademark of the club. He emphasize on the music flow, whilst bringing the freshest songs not only in Jakarta, but worldwide, presenting trend music with unique spin. In the near future he wishes to learn more about producing music. Just follow him on twitter and instagram @reggycrip for any update gigs and info.


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