Callista Nadya Moenita also known as C.N.M (/ˈsiː.ɛn.ɛm/) born on August 8, 1990 in Jakarta, Indonesia — As a youngster growing up in Jakarta and she had moved to Perth, Australia in 2010 for 2 (two) and a half years, C.N.M was glued to both local and international music televisions and radio stations. She is seriously addicted to the way music connects people and makes for better days.

Starting out in 2003 when she was still 13yo, she started her DJ career as a player in R&B, Hip-Hop and House scenes. After over the past ten years disappeared from the scene, she decided to continue her career again in 2013. C.N.M packs a little bit of everything into her sets. So, expect to hear Disco, Soulful/Jazzy sound, Future sound, UK/2-Step, Indie dance, Moombah, Dancehall/Reggae Fusion, Jersey Club, and anything else she thinks will work the dance floor.

These days C.N.M spends a lot of time on the decks and producing also remixing. Back in mid-2014, she had experiences spinning in Brooklyn and Lower East Side, NY, USA and had a chance to share the deck with one of the member DJs from Kitsuné (French electronic music record label); In early 2015, she got invited to spin at several parties in the Netherlands. One of the hype parties called “Birds & Bees” from Amsterdam along with Wantigga (Deventer, NL) whose under Soulection Record Label and Huh, What & Where (HW&W) Recordings based in Los Angeles, CA, USA; “The Hague Yard” a party from D.O.D.G.E. in the Hague, and “New Jet City” at Number 14 a bar that located in Rotterdam. Bitterzoet, Club NYX, and Chicago Social Club are the few clubs that she had been spinning in the Netherlands. Recently, she shared stage with Aeroplane (Belgium, BE) in Jakarta and What So Not (Sydney, AU) in Bali.

In August 2015, C.N.M signed as a member of Soul Menace Music Group. Beside that, she starting to make her own event named “Are U That Somebody” which held every once in 2 (two) months in Jakarta, Indonesia.

C.N.M music influenced by Majestic Casual, Soulection, HW&W, French Express, French Toast, Eton Messy, SOUNDISSTYLE, Spa in Disco, Kitsuné, Jakarta Records, Y Este Finde Qué, Darker Than Wax, Fool’s Gold, and many more.

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